Friday, October 31, 2008


I know....I is the season of autumn and it is the season for pumpkins, and still I haven't yet made anything pumpkin related.
I must admit that a very good friend of ours gave birth this week to twins and visiting her and the babies have taken up some of our time and has in a way prevented me from trying out a new recipe or adding to this blog. Another thing that happened is that we were invited to a house warming dinner of a friend of ours that studied in the United States, and she gave me "the third degree" because I didn't bake or cook anything Halloween related.
The weekend is coming up and I will have enough time to make my Pumpkin Pie and try out another Pumpkin related recipe. So keep an eye on this space......

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Despina said...

good to see you're back and blogging away! I guess the upcoming xmas season must be a treat for your culinary creative streak. looking forward to some holiday season-inspired gems. keep them coming eh? (nice kitchen btw...:) )